Cuba Becomes Communist State

March 1 Castro proclaims Cuba a communist state and allies with USSR. Castro announces he is a Socialist. US Ends Relations with Cuba March 27 US breaks off all diplomatic relations with Havana. Bay of Pigs Invasion April 15 Bay of Pigs…

Cuba Allies with Soviet Union

Soviet Chairman Nikita Khrushchev offers support to Cuba.  Cuba allies with the Soviet Union. US Businesses Nationalized August 6 All US businesses and commercial property in Cuba are nationalized with no compensation by the Cuban government. US…

Castro Overthrows Batista

January 1 Fidel Castro leads a guerrilla army into Havana and forces Batista to flee the country.  Batista resigns presidency. Castro Becomes Prime Minister February 16 Castro is sworn in as prime minister and brother Raul Castro becomes…

Students Attack Presidential Palace

March 13 An anti-communist University student group charged the Presidential Palace in Havana to assassinate Cuban dictator, Batista. The attack was unsuccessful and 50 students were killed.

Castro Begins Guerrilla Warfare

Castro, aided by Che Guevara, wages guerrilla war in Cuba from the Sierra Maestra Mountains.

Batista Frees Castro

May 1 Batista issues an amnesty that frees Castro and others members from prison. Castro meets Che Guevera June 1 Fidel Castro and his brother Raul are introduced to Che Guevara in Mexico City.

Castro Leads Revolt

July 26 Fidel Castro and brother Raul leads an unsuccessful revolt against Batista on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba. Castro Gives "History Will Absolve Me" Speech October 16 Fidel Castro gives his four-hour “History Will Absolve…

Batista Seizes Power

Batista seizes power again and suspends the 1940 Constitution. Batista is a United States backed dictator from 1952-1959.

Batista Elected President

October 10 Fulgencio Batista, supported by the Democratic Socialists Coalition,  is elected president of Cuba. 1940 Constitution In Effect October 10 The 1940 Constitution takes effect providing land reform, public education, a minimum…

Communist Party Legalized

Communist Party is legalized again.