Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture

Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program.  Conclusion:  Torturing prisoners does not provide reputable intelligence or gain cooperation from detainees, but it does damage the international standing…

Bill Limits Trying Detainees

Congress passes a defense policy bill which limits the administration from trying detainees in a civilian court.

Castro Speaks During Visit to Nicaragua

January 11 Castro makes the following statement in a speech in Nicaragua:  "In our country we have a military base against the will of our people.  It has been there throughout the twenty-six years of the revolution, and it is being occupied…

New Lease Signed for Guantanamo Bay

A new lease is signed in Havana for Guantanamo Bay.  The United States will pay about $2000 per year for the lease.

US Withdraws Aid to Batista

March The United States suspends military aid to Batista forces.

US to House Prisoners

January 8 Cuba learns the US will use Guantanamo Bay to house prisoners. January 11 First detainees from Afghanistan and Pakistan arrive at Guantanamo detention facility. 11 January 16 ©Wikimedia Commons User:Magnus Manske /…

US Eases Travel and Business Restrictions

January 15 United States eases trade and travel restrictions with Cuba allowing airlines to fly scheduled routes to Cuba, travelers to return with Cuban goods, etal. Cuba Establishes Banking Ties in US May 19 Cuba diplomats gain access…

Cuba Agrees to Talks with EU

March 16 Cuba accepts European invitation to begin talks on improving relations and boosting economic ties. US Reestablishes Diplomatic Relations (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) Public Domain July 1 US President Obama…

Spain Claims Cuba

Christopher Columbus claims Cuba for Spain.