Ambrosio José Gonzales

Ambrosio Jose Gonzales (1818-1893). He was born in Mantanzas, Cuba, was a Cuban conspirator who wanted to liberate Cuba from Spanish rule, and later became a Confederate officer.

He earned a law degree at Havana University before settling in South Carolina where he married Harriet Rutledge Elliot, the 16-year-old daughter of S.C. Senator William Elliot. Two of his sons, Ambrose and Narciso, founded The State newspaper in Columbia S.C.

Cuban Confederate Colonel: The Life of Ambrosio Gonzales Documentary

A documentary film, written by Virginia Tormey Friedman, and produced by Virginia Tormey Friedman and Tim Fennell, is based on the book, Cuban Confederate Colonel: The Life of Ambrosio Gonzales by Antonio Rafael de la Cova.

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  1. Wilmot A. Fraser
    Wilmot A. Fraser says:

    Regarding S.C.- Cuban connections, a more fruitful and contemporary approach might be through rhythm in music and other art forms. See my book, To Be or not…to Bop,- Memoirs Dizzy Gillespie, in print for 38 years, and the film “A Night in Havana”. – Dr. Al Fraset


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